When she was first born, we fell in love in an instant with this little girl and if I had been asked to create a wish list of all the qualities I would like to see in my precious granddaughter, I can say that every wish has been granted - and then some. She is 12 today. Time flies. 

Annslee was our first grandchild and she has never failed to impress us. She gave us our 'grandparent names', I'm "Momo" and he is "Bobo".

She can be graceful (sometimes, not so much - but that's another story).

She's adventuresome & inquisitive

Playful & Theatrical

Sensitive & Compassionate




And definitely, a girly-girl

And kind, responsible & helpful. What more could I have wished for? 

I clearly remember 'interviewing' Annslee on her 10th birthday and although I can't seem to locate my interview notes, but I do remember that her career choice at the time was something along the lines of an 'influencer'. Was it music or dance? I can't remember but I can tell you that she will shine in whatever she chooses to do in life. 

My money is on an Attorney or Interior Designer.

AKA "Momo"

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