Violet's 5th Year



Violet's 5th year. 

These are the memories that I have of this brilliant and funny 5 year old.

Energetic with an extraordinary vocabulary, Violet has always been able to stand up for herself. 

One day, while at the park (with Bobo and I), Violet saw that I was leaving to go to the car. Without any hesitation she put her hands on her hips and said "Hey! You don't just go and leave a kid alone!"  Good for her!

Violet's natural sense of rhythm and 'interpretive dance' sessions were always fun to watch.

All about animals and babies (not necessarily in that order), Violet consistently would show great care and compassion for those weaker than she. 

I love that.

Oh, and did I mention, funny?

Not much for rules but she will rise to the occasion if she can participate in the process.

Violet has brought an enormous amount of color into our lives and we are so grateful for her. 

Mia, Scarlett, Abby & Violet

Her future is so bright and I expect she will pursue a career in pediatrics or veterinary medicine 
but no matter what, the world will be a better place with her in it.

AKA 'Momo'

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