Abby's 5th Year



Dear Abby, 
When you were born, we were all so worried about you.

You were so small and fragile when you were born and had quite a few setbacks, but look at you now! You might fear new challenges on occasion, but you have proven to be strong and brave by leaning in and conquering your fears.                             

You were afraid of swimming but can swim now. 

You really didn't want to learn your numbers or colors but you know her numbers, colors                         and can even read now.                          

Sometimes, I speculate on who and what you will become in life. Your gift is your sensitivity and caring nature.  You are not a stranger to obstacles and because of that, I know that once you decide on what you want, you will be successful because you have already proven yourself as a warrior.

A Therapist? A Counselor? A teacher?

                                                                                                        Love, Momo


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