Retirement update: One year Later


I retired from being a Critical Care/Emergency Nurse one year ago. Nursing was never 'just a job' for me. It was who I was. I loved my job, my patients, my co-workers and the demands of nursing. Despite the 12 hour shifts, the heartbreaking sadness, the administrative 'special-interest' groups, the germs and the chaos - it was also flexible, soulful, interesting, motivating, profound and challenging. All reasons why I loved nursing. It was where I found my calling...or so I thought.

And then, I retired - Gulp - What will become of me? Will I lose my mind? Will my friends forget about me? Will I end up sitting on the couch, watching TV and eating Cheetos? What about my hip to waist ratio? 

Well folks, as far as I can tell, I have not lost my mind (yet), my friends are forced to remember me (Thanks, Facebook!), I don't have the time to sit and eat Cheetos and fortunately, my hip to waist ratio has not change a whole-helluva-lot.

I have started to consider my 'new' self to be a traveler, writer, volunteer, activist and artist but will never regret 38 years at the bedside as a Registered Nurse.

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Lisa Ball said...

Love you Joan! Glad to see your saddle is taking you on yet another different journey :)

Joan Young Spotswood said...

Love you too, Lisa! Thanks!

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