Portugal: Lisbon


Lisbon, Portugal.
 One of the oldest cities in the world.
Our terrace in the Baixa district
Arriving by train from Faro, Portugal - we arrived at the Oriente Station in Lisbon where we caught the oh-so-easy-to-navigate-color-coded-metro to Baixa Stn..
Do yourself a favor and download a Lisbon transit guide before you go. It just makes sense ;)
  • Praco do Comercio - Our first stop. A large public square located closest to 'Terrerio do Paco' Metro Station - We picked up our 'Lisboa Card' at the Tourist Information Center, good for travel on trams, trains and subways - more on that, later.
  • Tram 28 - If you have time to ride the trolley car, take Tram 28. It's route takes you all around the city. Be aware that riding this trolley is fairly popular so you might want to do it early in the morning

A little 'Gypsy Swing'
  • Speaking of 'Gypsies'...I'm not saying Gypsies are thieves but ...pickpockets abound here and Gypsies get the bulk of the blame. Just be aware.

Remember the "Lisboa Card"? We used the beejezzus out of it. Just Google 'Lisboa Card' and you can reserve it online. 
  • Sintra - If you want to save yourself this experience ...
Ticket-line for Sintra
Get online and buy your ticket to Sintra 'Moorish Castle' before going. http://www.parquesdesintra.pt/en/commercial-area/ticket-office
You're welcome.
Sintra "Moorish Castle"
  • Jeronimos Monastery - The final resting place of Portuguese explorer, Vasco de Gama who discovered India.
  • Belem Tower - a Unesco World Heritage site, located in Belem - FYI: Don't take the tram to get there. Your Lisboa Card works for the commuter train to Belem. Just sayin'. The tram was about a one hour journey. The train? 15 minutes.

What did I love about Lisbon?
The transit system.
The cafe-culture.
The history.

I'll be back.

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