Portugal: Faro


Portugal is all about Cork. 
Who knew? 
Cork Trees live about 300 years
Bark is harvested from the cork tree once every 9 years
Harvested cork is soaked and pressed to make wine stoppers, shoes, handbags etc.
The process is entirely unautomated.
And wine.
Portugal is all about wine.

Our trip to Portugal began in the town of Faro - located on its southern coast.

It's where we learned of Portugal's cork industry and its importance to the national economy. The Portuguese are very committed to sustaining their Cork farms and want you to know that screw-tops on wine bottles are negatively impacting them. Also - look to buy cork handbags, flooring and shoes...every little bit helps.
Being educated about the wine-making process
Wine. Wine was everywhere. Are there wines of Portugal that are specific to the region? Who knows? I was drinking wine at the time and can't remember.

I do recall our tour of Quinta Dos Vales Winery was just lovely. It included wine, food and art - who could ask for more? A tour of the winery, followed by a traditional Portuguese lunch.
Vineyard Muses...The Dancing Fat Ladies
Mr. Something was enchanted.

A beautiful day

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