Santiago, Chile


Our view in Santiago
When arriving in a unfamiliar city with luggage, I am reluctant to navigate the local transit system until the luggage has found a home. Experience dictated this practice. There is nothing like the comfort of not having to carry bags on and off buses, up and down stairs and through hoards of people. It makes for less-frazzled travellers.

Time, being of the essence, we arrived in Santiago Chile - via bus from Valparaiso - with a plan to see it's highlights with 24 hours. 

As if.

Hopping into a cab, we made it to our AirBnb (more on that, in another post), checked in and were on our way to discover the city. This is where the fun starts. 
Armed with a tourist map and our lists of places to see in Santiago, we venture down, into the Santiago Metro, and purchased a "Tarjeta Bip" card from one of the kiosks inside the station. Stations are everywhere and the kiosks translate to English. This is how we roll.

The Santiago Metro is really extensive...for some great travel tips go to ...
Santiago was wonderful. Clean, vibrant and sophisticated. Our brief stay included...
  • - Barrio BellaVista
  • - Catedral Metroplitano
  • - Plaza de Armas
  • - Castillo Hidalgo
  • - Parque O'Higgins
Going to the Santiago Airport?
- Take the Metro to Pajaritos Station. Get off and look for the "CentroPuerto" bus to the airport. You can buy your ticket (about 1200 CLP) on the bus. If you can't find the Centropuerto bus just ask anybody...

And then were were off to Lima, Peru. 

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