Lima, Peru - Part One


If you want to see Machu Picchu, then, most likely, you will start in the Lima. The capital city of Peru, Lima is not for the faint of heart. A fast-paced metropolitan area divided into 14 neighborhoods and comprised of approximately 9 million residents living within 324 sq.miles, Lima lacks the public transit systems of other major cities its size - but we understand that they are working on it - and its traffic congestion is infamous.

Know that Lima is not immune to petty crime, pickpockets and the like but that their taxi drivers have also been known to rob newcomers as well. We were told by locals that the Lima police are open to bribery and many are corrupt. Somewhat shaky ground to start our trip on.
Lima Airport Security: These boxes are at every security check-in.
 If you look closely, they are filled with sharp objects and potential weapons.

Taxi Green is located in Jorge Chavez International Airport. The tourist info people say they are the only taxi service to trust. We didn't have any problems with them but... if you can arrange for a driver or van from the place you are staying, are better off.

Miraflores: Is where we called 'home' during our stay in Lima. A clean, upscale neighborhood of Lima its known for its safety, restaurants, cafes and beaches. Walking around Miraflores, we came upon a park that was literally teeming with cats.
Parque Kennedy commemorates JFK and is a haven for stray cats. They run, play, climb trees and sunbathe here but are also petted by various citizens who keep food and water available to them. It's really a cool sight to see. Other places in Miraflores to check out while you're there...

  • Iglesia Virgen Milagrosa
  • Parque del Amor
  • Larcomar
Our trip to Lima started out in a less-than-outstanding way. We had arranged for a driver to pick us up at the airport. He didn't show. We had arranged to stay in an apartment in Miraflores. We didn't connect. We tried getting a WiFi connection in the Lima luck.

It wasn't looking good. So, as we occupied space in Jorge Chavez International, fending off offers of ground transportation, Mr. Something and I just shrugged our shoulders and chalked it all up to what happens sometimes when you travel. 

God love him. He is the best travel partner I could ever hope for.

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