Rounding Cape Horn


With the exception of visiting Machu Picchu, a trip to South America was not really on our radar. Who knew that the mention of "Strait of Magellan", followed by "Rounding the tip of Cape Horn" would incite such enthusiasm from my 'sailor at heart', Mr. Something?

Where the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans meet - part Argentina - part Chile, lies Cape Horn.

Discovered by Dutch navigators, Jakob Le Maire and Willem Schouten, January 29th, 1616, it soon became known as "The Sailor's Graveyard". Treacherous seas, due to high winds, waves, currents and icebergs claimed many ships and lives bound for transporting trade (prior to the opening of The Panama Canal  in 1914) but rounding Cape Horn was how they did it back then.

And on November 19th, 2014 at 0500 hrs at 19F (-7C) under clear skies and calm winds of 55 mph ...The Spotswoods rounded Cape Horn, too. 

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