The Falkland Islands [aka] Islas Malvinas


Where in the world are The Falkland Islands?
About 300 miles away from Argentina...just above the Antarctic Peninsula. 
The Falkland's Islands are self-governed and under U.K. rule since 1833.
Argentina doesn't think so... and continues to maintain its claim to 'Islas Malvinas' even today, asserting that the British occupation was illegal in the first place.

In 1982, Argentina invaded, Britain retaliated
and The Falklands War ensued.
Sadly, 72 days later, 649 Argentine military, 255 British military, and 3 Falkland Islands residents died in the conflict.
The plan was to visit a real-live Penguin Colony.
Our driver, while in The Falklands was a wealth of information...
There remain some 20,000 un-exploded land mines surrounding The Falklands.
Buried by Argentine forces during their brief occupation in 1982, the mines remain 'live'.
Affected areas are well-marked but on occasion there have been incidents of 
unsuspecting cows vs. land mines. 
The entire population of the Falklands are almost 3,000 people.
2,100 live in its capitol city of Port Stanley.
Fish & Chips (of course), a pint of beer and the warmth of a British Pub.
The Stamp Office (The Philatelic Bureau)
Stamps created by Tony Chater, a local artist (and our driver)
 Primary schools (K thru 8) are located throughout The Falklands.
Teens board in Stanley to complete their Secondary (High) School education.
College & University is completed in The U.K. and are paid for by The Falklands.
Q: "With such a small population, how do you find partners in life?"
A: "The Military helps - they come in frequently, and if you go away to school, that helps too."

Gentoo Penguins


The Falkland Islands are remote but,
 inexplicably remain close to my heart.

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