Hot Yoga?


Yoga. A gentle way to stay flexible and toned.

Who knew that finding an air conditioned Yoga class in Texas was close to impossible?

The trend today is for Yoga devotees to suffer in room temperatures reaching 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 C) while assuming their poses. Word on the street has it that the increased room temperature assists one in being able to stretch more effectively.

I'm calling B.S. 

Granted, as one who experiences hot flashes on a good day, I should have known that Hot Yoga was not for me but I soldiered on thinking, "I'm hot anyway, it's doubtful I'll notice the difference."

I was wrong.

One hour in a dark, hot, humid room - thermostat set at 98 degrees - gave me first-person insight into Hot Yoga ...It gives one the feeling that they have just worked out - hard. After assuming a few poses, you are soaking wet in sweat, your face is flushed and your body temperature is jacked up. Whew! What a workout! But - in reality...when the sweat realize that it was just a smokescreen.

I am aware that there are Hot Yoga devotees out there who swear by the health benefits of this practice (and I feel certain I will hear from them) but in the interim... does anybody know where I can find an old fashioned Yoga class offered in an air conditioned environment?


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Susan Rossow said...

Delighted you gave hot yoga a try. My first few classes were torture. Five years later I am addicted. The heat feels comforting, cleansing, and if it isn't me it's not yoga!
You expected that right? There are many places that offer room temp or air conditioned yoga. Most health clubs and several spas. I hope you try some because yoga truly changed my life.
Susan Rossow

joanyspot said...

Susan - I thought of you when I was writing this post - Did you get your 500 Karma Points? Namaste back at ya!