Alaska! Trip Planning.


Anchorage to Whittier
Our 'Great Alaskan Adventure' began with a plan. And a map. And some library books. Except for Sarah Palin, we knew nothing about Alaska.
Map Courtesy of Travel
It was a mite bigger than we had thought.

So we redirected our focus to Alaska's 'Inside Passage'.

Mr. Something and I would backpack our way from Skagway to Ketchikan, stopping in Juneau and Sitka along our way. The Alaska Ferry System would provide us water transportation from town to town, as we would lay our heads down at various hostels and hotels. Just a couple of Texan nomads - on the lookout for a solid dose of nature.

Our youthful reverie of adventure amongst the wilderness came to a screeching halt when we put pen to paper and looked at the cost/benefit and logistical analysis of  our plan compared to booking a cruise of Alaska's Inside Passage. 

Our bubble had burst. The cruise option won.
We're not big cruisers. The crowds, noise and gluttony get to us - but our decision to do it this way would be a fraction of the cost vs. doing it on our own.

So we sucked it up, booked the cruise - paid a little extra for a balcony room - and were on our way...

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