Alaska! Glaciers 101


Mendenhall Glacier, Juneau
A Naturalist was aboard our cruise and would offer lectures regarding the flora and fauna we would see in Alaska. Glaciers were a big topic as we would be seeing quite a few of them.
Ice  fields
This is what I've learned...
Glaciers are essentially rivers of ice that break off (calve) creating icebergs
 and eventually impacting the water levels of our oceans.
One-tenth of icebergs are generally visible - the other 90% is under water

So what's the big whup about Glaciers? 
What do they have to do with Global Warming?
Why is Global Warming such a politically-charged issue?
As a recent retiree, I have time to ponder these questions...
by asking my go-to guy, Mr. Something to explain the intricacies of the universe to me.
From what I can understand, some scientists believe that as C02 emissions are increased, our world has become warmer and this is illustrated by the rapid rate of glacial melting and increased water levels of our oceans. 
Essentially, "Global Warming". 
The advice to decrease carbon emissions by using less fossil fuels are a large part of the political debate as many believe this practice will negatively impact our economy.
Bald Eagle
God, bless us all.

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