Hot Yoga?


Yoga. A gentle way to stay flexible and toned.

Who knew that finding an air conditioned Yoga class in Texas was close to impossible?

The trend today is for Yoga devotees to suffer in room temperatures reaching 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 C) while assuming their poses. Word on the street has it that the increased room temperature assists one in being able to stretch more effectively.

I'm calling B.S. 

Granted, as one who experiences hot flashes on a good day, I should have known that Hot Yoga was not for me but I soldiered on thinking, "I'm hot anyway, it's doubtful I'll notice the difference."

I was wrong.

One hour in a dark, hot, humid room - thermostat set at 98 degrees - gave me first-person insight into Hot Yoga ...It gives one the feeling that they have just worked out - hard. After assuming a few poses, you are soaking wet in sweat, your face is flushed and your body temperature is jacked up. Whew! What a workout! But - in reality...when the sweat realize that it was just a smokescreen.

I am aware that there are Hot Yoga devotees out there who swear by the health benefits of this practice (and I feel certain I will hear from them) but in the interim... does anybody know where I can find an old fashioned Yoga class offered in an air conditioned environment?


Alaska! Glaciers 101


Mendenhall Glacier, Juneau
A Naturalist was aboard our cruise and would offer lectures regarding the flora and fauna we would see in Alaska. Glaciers were a big topic as we would be seeing quite a few of them.
Ice  fields
This is what I've learned...
Glaciers are essentially rivers of ice that break off (calve) creating icebergs
 and eventually impacting the water levels of our oceans.
One-tenth of icebergs are generally visible - the other 90% is under water

So what's the big whup about Glaciers? 
What do they have to do with Global Warming?
Why is Global Warming such a politically-charged issue?
As a recent retiree, I have time to ponder these questions...
by asking my go-to guy, Mr. Something to explain the intricacies of the universe to me.
From what I can understand, some scientists believe that as C02 emissions are increased, our world has become warmer and this is illustrated by the rapid rate of glacial melting and increased water levels of our oceans. 
Essentially, "Global Warming". 
The advice to decrease carbon emissions by using less fossil fuels are a large part of the political debate as many believe this practice will negatively impact our economy.
Bald Eagle
God, bless us all.

Alaska! Trip Planning.


Anchorage to Whittier
Our 'Great Alaskan Adventure' began with a plan. And a map. And some library books. Except for Sarah Palin, we knew nothing about Alaska.
Map Courtesy of Travel
It was a mite bigger than we had thought.

So we redirected our focus to Alaska's 'Inside Passage'.

Mr. Something and I would backpack our way from Skagway to Ketchikan, stopping in Juneau and Sitka along our way. The Alaska Ferry System would provide us water transportation from town to town, as we would lay our heads down at various hostels and hotels. Just a couple of Texan nomads - on the lookout for a solid dose of nature.

Our youthful reverie of adventure amongst the wilderness came to a screeching halt when we put pen to paper and looked at the cost/benefit and logistical analysis of  our plan compared to booking a cruise of Alaska's Inside Passage. 

Our bubble had burst. The cruise option won.
We're not big cruisers. The crowds, noise and gluttony get to us - but our decision to do it this way would be a fraction of the cost vs. doing it on our own.

So we sucked it up, booked the cruise - paid a little extra for a balcony room - and were on our way...

Paranoid in South America

Anticipating travel to South America was both exciting and scary. Admittedly, reports of muggings, kidnappings and police corruption go...