A Career in Nursing: The End


 I'm feeling pretty good about the past 38 years as an R.N. and on reflection of my life of service, it was my honour and privilege to have had the opportunity to be the first person to touch a human life at birth and the last to hold the hand of someone as they took their last breath.

How awesome is that?  
I've worked with the best of the best and shared experiences in life that few can fathom.

To the nurses, techs, paramedics, EMT's, docs, therapists, chaplains, pharmacists and secretaries that I have had the opportunity to work with throughout my career...Thank You. 

I have been one lucky nurse,

And now, I'm getting on with my life.
I'll keep you posted.

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The Mom's Honest Truth said...

Joan!! I shed a tear - being there for the first and last of life....wow. That's really profound. You are so awesome!!

joanyspot said...

Thank you Myaann. It was quite a ride!