A Baby Shower Tea


It was a group effort. 
 Thanks to all co-hostesses!

A Baby Shower Tea for our friend and fellow nurse, Amy and her daughter, Danielle.
A clothesline fashioned from IV Poles was decorated to provide
a great way to check out Danielle's cute baby clothes. 
Each item was tagged with the name of the gift-giver.

The venue was at the hospital and had to have windows. Lots of them.
You just can't have a 'Tea' in a windowless room. 

Pink, White and Green.
 Finger sandwiches (tomato basil/tuna salad/chicken salad) - mini quiche - mini cupcakes - tortilla roll ups - cookies
 Hot Tea, Iced Tea, Punch
Games: Pin the Sperm on the Egg (only nurses would be into this one), Guess the size of mommy's tummy and Guess the number of candies in a baby's bottle.
It was a lot of fun honoring a lovely person...
...and welcoming her daughter into the world

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