The Chinese Lantern Festival


Admittedly, I am a little nuts about seeing lit up Chinese lanterns. 
Every year, at about this time, I literally ache to attend The Chinese New Year Parade in San Francisco - but even I have to admit that my rationale for traveling over 1.700 miles to attend a parade - is a little weak.

OK, call me obsessed interested by all things Asian.  
When I heard The Chinese Lantern Festival was in town, I was all over it.
At Dallas' Fair Park, it continues until February 17th.
The Main Entrance
The Imperial Dragon Boat
The Porcelain Pagoda
Over 52 feet high
Built entirely from porcelain plates, cups, saucers, spoons and bowls
The 'Wish' Tree

Write your wish and attach to the tree...the wind will carry it to the Gods
Except for the fact that the event food was scarce and of poor quality, The Chinese Lantern Festival was all I had hoped for and (at least, temporarily) soothed the San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade ache within my soul.

For this year, anyway.

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