The Train


Recently, I've been thinking of the words of a friend who is an ER Nurse, in the frontline during this COVID19 Pandemic...

"I look into the eyes of my coworkers and wonder which of us will lose our lives in this battle. It will happen. We all know it will happen and yet we continue to show up...shift after shift...This isn’t political. This isn’t a hoax. This doesn’t discriminate." - Kimberly Wainwright-Morrison. 

These words stirred my soul. I reflected on all of the friends and colleagues I had surrounded myself  throughout my career in healthcare and paused to think of who will we lose. 

In times like these, I rely on the wisdom of my husband who introduced me to the concept of The Train... "My life is a lot like a train trip and I've been lucky enough to get the window seat in a comfortable car. Undoubtedly, there will be a few bumps and curves along the way, but the train will stop at destinations that are colorful, fun and terrific as well as other destinations that are grey and difficult to navigate. But, neither lasts and I will eventually re-board and continue on. One day, I will reach my final destination and know that by and large, life has been a great ride in a comfortable window seat." 
His view comforts and speaks to me. I add another aspect to the train-ride of life.
It concerns family and friendship...

We will meet fellow passengers that board the train.

We will laugh and talk, eat and drink together.

We will comfort and support one another during arduous journeys and celebrate our successful trips together.

We will love each other.

Some of us have been travel-buddies since the beginning of life, some of us have traveled together for years, some we would prefer not to travel with, some have to depart for different destinations and sadly, some will reach their final stop.

We will miss them.

But, never-the-less, our train trip continues until we reach our final destination.

#TheIsolationJournals - Close Your Eyes...What Do You See?

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