The Train


Recently, I was reminded of Mr. Something's 
allegorical way of looking at life...

"My life is a lot like a train trip and I've been lucky enough to get the window seat in a comfortable car. Undoubtedly, there will be a few bumps and curves along the way, but the train will stop at destinations that are colorful, fun and terrific as well as other destinations that are grey and difficult to navigate. But, neither lasts and I will eventually re-board and continue on. One day, I will reach my final destination and know that by and large, life has been a great ride in a comfortable window seat." 

How cool is that? His view is comforting to me and speaks to my soul. I can't help but add another aspect to the train-ride of life. It concerns family and friendship...

We will meet fellow passengers that board the train. We will laugh and talk, eat and drink together. We will comfort and support one another during arduous journeys and celebrate our successful trips together. We will love each other. Some of us have been travel-buddies since the beginning of life, some of us have traveled together for years, some we would prefer not to travel with, some have to depart for different destinations and sadly, some will reach their final stop. We will miss them. But, never-the-less, our train ride continues. 

I was privileged to have met a kindred spirit, a traveler who shared my car with me twenty-six years ago. Our journeys eventually veered into different directions but last week, she climbed back onto my train car, or did I board hers? It really is neither here nor there as the conversation began where it left off.

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