Retirement Prep


Thanks to a cheap financially-prudent spouse, it looks like - if all goes well - I will join the ranks of retirees in 2014. The mere thought of it freaks me out. Good Lord, just using the phrase, "freaks me out", really does place me in the appropriate era. Why does the anticipation of a work-free life cause me so much anxiety? I'm really not certain, but I can bet that it has something to do with aging.

There. I've said it. Aging. Old. Decrepit. Retired.
March 2013
I really need to get over it.

The alternative to aging is not one that I am ready for, so I am taking the steer by the horns and embracing the fact that - if I take good care of myself - I should be around this planet for another thirty years or so.

Thirty years. That number is almost equivalent to what I have accomplished in this lifetime so far. It's hard to for me to believe my career as a Registered Nurse began thirty-seven years ago.

What's next?  One thing is for sure...I'm not done yet.

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