Retro-Trip: Europe Trip Planning 1983


Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness ~ Mark Twain

As a twenty-something, I recall visiting the home of my friend, JoBeth when she suggested we plan a trip to Europe. Europe? I had never really considered it. Could we? Really? Sure. Why not? JoBeth pulled out a map of Europe and our plan was set into motion.
  • Munich, Germany
  • Salzburg and Vienna, Austria. 
  • Rome, Venice and Florence, Italy
  • Switzerland
  • Paris, France
  • Ireland
  • London, England
In that order.

A lofty goal, to be sure - but within a few months I had saved some cash, secured a 'Leave of Absence' from my job, purchased a Eurail Pass and sweet-talked a trusted friend (thank you, Karen) into house-sitting and managing my affairs (paying bills) while I was out of town.

See ya later Dallas!
1983: Me & JoBeth in Europe - It was all about the hair back then

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