Tim's Next Chapter


Sebastian, Adair, Tim, Aleena
A couple of years ago, Mr. Something's younger brother, Tim, announced that he would be giving it all up in Dallas, Texas and planned on moving to The Philippines in 2013. Well, it's 2013 and he's leaving for Panay Island, Philippines on Tuesday.

The "Right" asked ... What about your house? Your job? Your Car? Your kids? Tim's reply? "Sell it. Quit it. Give it away. Raised them."
Mr. Something, Me, Annslee, Allison, Brian, Violet, Tim, Ben, Abby, Kara, Brent.

The "Left" encouraged him..."Go for it. Live your dream. Do it." Tim's response?...his familiar head tilt followed by a knowing nod and smile.
Colleen, Adair, Tim, Gene, Marri

We'll miss him, but wish him all the best in the next chapter of his life.
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Tim said...

Who is that fat old dude? Glad I lost weight since then. Only 2 inches off the waist, but it all helps. And now I smile - so I don't look as old and grumpy! :p