Free Will?


The Brain: An Owner's Guide
Tuesday nights in February, I have voluntarily signed up for a series of lectures entitled "The Brain: An Owner's Guide" at Dallas' Center for Brain Health.

Last night's speaker was Michael Gazzaniga, Ph.D., California Institute of Technology. Founder of the Cognitive Neuroscience Institute and founding editor-in-chief of the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience. He is the author of "Who's in Charge? Free Will and the Science of the Brain".

Lordy. We're talking "Split brains", "Neural specificity", "Emergent Minds" and "Retributive responses" here --- don't ask.

The distinguished lecturer was somewhat over this blogger's head, but none-the-less, I think I was able to take away his key point...

"Free Will" is largely a concept discussed and studied historically by philosophers and theologians. Now, the concept is entering into the realm of science. The impact of its scientific findings may ultimately affect our judicial system in the defense or prosecution of those being tried for crimes against society using proof obtained by MRI's, CT's, PET Scans and the like.

Food for thought.

Next Week's Lecture:
David Eagleman, PhD. "The Secret Lives of the Brain"

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