Confessions of a Sugar Freak


Cookies, candy, pies, yeast rolls, pasta and bread surely have taken their toll on my bathroom scale lately - but I'm too afraid to look.

Feeling certain that my coronary arteries have also taken a hit - secondary to the wild abandon that I have exercised towards butter, cheese and cream - clearly indicate my sweet addiction has trumped good sense once again and it's time to come down from the starch and sugar high that has snagged my every waking moment since Thanksgiving.

Here's my situation... Sugar =  Crack Cocaine.

I am a Sugar Addict.

One doughnut doesn't do it for me. Should I succumb to the lure of the distinctive aroma that is a sugar-coated-anything, you can be sure one will never be enough and the rest of my day is shot.

When sugar, cleverly disguised as bread, potatoes and pasta sneak past my lips, the effect remains the same and I am a goner.

My every waking move is controlled until finally my sugar laden narcotic bliss ends my day in sleep.

So I'm back on the wagon (again) and resolve to avoid straight-up sugar.

For those of you out there who also have a problem with sugar (and you know who you are). Will you join me?

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