Costa Ricahhhh - Photo Gallery


Catarata Rio Fortuna

Admittedly, our recent trip to Costa Rica merely scratched the surface of this beautiful country as we limited our travel to The Guanacaste region on the Pacific side of Costa Rica but here's what we know...

1. You can feel free to drink the water.
2. Electrical outlets are the same as in the U.S.
3. Costa Rican (C.R.) currency are "Colones" - roughly speaking, 1000 Colones = 2 U.S. Dollars
4. If you want to get to the Pacific side of C.R. - fly into Liberia - there is a direct flight from Miami.

5. If you want to get to the Atlantic side - fly into San Jose.
6. Tipping is widely accepted and appreciated.

Look up...
Howler Monkey
Keep looking up... 
Anybody out there know what kind of bird this is?
Look down...
Poison Dart Frog
Look out...

Look around...

Arenal Volcano

Unusual tree bark
Ahhhh, Costa Rica.

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