Costa Ricahhhh - Logistically Speaking


Our destination was Guanacaste Province, Hermosa Beach. We arrived into Daniel Oubert Airport in Liberia from Miami. The city of Liberia is about 1/2 hour drive from Hermosa Beach on the Pacific Coast.
  • Taxi fare was $55 USD. Caution: I had read somewhere that you should choose only taxis with a yellow emblem on the side. They are licensed.
  • Most tours include return transportation to/from your hotel.
  • Renting a car is an option. FYI: If you have an American Express card...reserve your car with it prior to arriving in Costa Rica - it insures the car for you.
  • Hiring a driver is an option too. I would think your hotel would know how to go about it.
We had heard that Costa Rican people were generally regarded as friendly and pleasant. We had no idea. Many refer to themselves as "Tico's".
  • Our transportation to the hotel had not shown up at the airport and I was in the midst of trying to figure out how to use the pay phone (its been a while) when a random Costa Rican man handed me his cell phone. How cool was that?
  • We met a Costa Rican guy on Hermosa Beach who was selling tours - 'Herson' was fluent in English and asked that we not reserve our tour with a down-payment but that he would trust us to meet him as promised.  We were not disappointed. 
Spanglish Tours
Herson Segura 
Mr. Something and the coconut guy

After visiting only two beaches while in Costa Rica, we are hardly expert in CR Beaches - that being said...Hermosa Beach and Coco Beach are comprised of volcanic sand. It's what gives these beaches their characteristic gray color.
Monkeys were in the trees on the beach every morning. Sunsets were spectacular. Vendors were everywhere, selling pottery, massages, tours, coconut water, etc. A simple "No, Gracias" usually did the trick - anything else and you were buried in whatever was being sold.

Case in point: I closed my eyes for a few minutes while basking in the shade on the beach, listening to the rhythmic sound of the surf when I heard my husband speaking Spanglish to someone. Reluctantly, I opened my eyes. Mr. Something was clinging to 6 ceramic pots of which we now own. He has trouble with saying "No, gracias".

We added tours once we got to Costa Rica. I needed to zip line, Mr Something needed to see the volcano, we wanted to snorkel. Done, done and done and then some.

Zip-line "Canopy Tours" are all the rage in Costa Rica. My fear of heights was quickly assuaged by a kind-hearted zip-line guide who allowed me to ride tandem with him, We zipped the Congo tour. $45 pp including return transportation from the hotel. 

 Me. Zipping. Click on the arrow to play the video.

Herson's full day private tour of the Arenal Volcano, Rio Fortuna Waterfall, Danaus Eco Center and a naturally fed hot water river included breakfast and lunch. $140 pp included return transportation to the hotel.
The river water was as hot as a Jacuzzi tub.
Catarmaran Tour. 130pm - Sunset. Included Snorkeling, Heavy snacks (Barbeque Chicken, chips, guacamole, open bar) $85 pp. included return transportation to the hotel.
 Kayaking - offered by our hotel.
 In the unlikely event of a Tsunami: 
"Do Not Scream..."

Good to know.

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