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A Fish Story

I'm no Jacques Cousteau but after a successful afternoon fishing off of the Miami coast, I feel a need to share our tips on how to catch fish...

1. First of all, it's handy to know these people...

2. Who just happen to have one of these...
 Outfitted in fishing stuff like poles, fighting chair etc.
3. You need somebody to be in charge of the boat. That was Captain Pete.

4. A good mate can make a huge difference in fishing success, our mate was Derek and was worth his weight in gold.
Who else would deal with fishing lines, pull the fish into the boat, remove hooks and place the said fish into ice for you?
Not to mention assisting with fish-photo opportunities...
4. The results of an afternoon fishing...
Me, Kathy, Suzanne - We each caught 2 Mahi-Mahi. Suzanne and I caught 2 Sailfish - but sent them back to their mothers.

Video: Starring Derek 'The Mate'
How to Clean a Fish
It's a dirty job, but somebody has got to do it.

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