Roller Rink Party


So who's idea was it to come up with an '80's themed Party held in a Roller Rink for his lovely wife's 30th birthday? That would be, Ben - the guy up front here, rockin' the pompadour. Oh, and while I'm at it...the blond guy back there in the zebra stripes... is (ahem) one of us.

Planning started about a month ago and it looked like finding an appropriate theme was proving to be a challenge but Ben came through with flying colors! He even packed an '80's costume for The Birthday Girl.

So just what does an '80's Theme Party entail?
Rubik's Cube Birthday Cake
 Disco-ball (goes without saying)
The Birthday Girl - No, that is not her real hair.
Air Guitar - required
Channeling 'The Material Girl' (with Violet)
80's Rockers

Friends and Family,
Celebrating Kara's 30th Birthday.
Once in a lifetime.

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