An Indecent Proposal


'Mix' - The Mandalay Bay
A few years ago, the Annual Girl's Trip was held in the perfect location...Las Vegas. Upon arrival and in keeping with Las Vegas tradition, our group of happily married ladies gave ourselves pseudonyms. I was "Anastasia" along with "Penny", "Yvette", "Cher", "Barbara" and "LaVerne". I may not have our fake-names quite right but you know who you are.

Saturday night dinner reservations were snagged by "Yvette" via an old beau with connections to the restaurant biz. Our table for six was secured at the uber-chic "Mix", an exclusive venue located at the top of The Mandalay Bay.

I was dressed head to toe in black. This is essential to mention as what happened next was...somewhat...indecent.

'Mix' has a beautifully appointed dining room and adjoining balcony that overlooked the Vegas Strip so I just had to take the 'scenic route' to the ladies room.

On my way back to my table, I passed a group of six men having dinner. One of them stopped me as I walked by. He was wearing a tweed blazer. "Excuse me, Miss" he said " But my friends think I need something to put in my breast pocket and I was wondering if I could use your panties". The twinkle in his eye told me he was just having some fun. All eyes were on me as I responded..."Let me get back to you on that."

When I returned to my table, I whispered... "Don't look now, but there is a table full of men over there..."

Everybody turned and looked simultaneously.

"Anyway, the guy in the tweed jacket asked me if I would give him my panties to put in his pocket!" I said without any evidence  of shock or dismay on my face as now the table of guys were all looking in our direction.

"Cher" piped up. "Let me handle this." Knowing "Cher" but not knowing what she was going to do or say, she had my full confidence that whatever trick she had up her sleeve - it would be good.

Without missing a beat, "Cher" locked eyes with "Tweed Jacket". Smiling, she pointed directly to him and in a "come hither" motion of her index finger, she summoned him to our table. He was on the hook.

On his arrival to our table, "Cher" eloquently said "Normally, we would offer you our panties, but we're not wearing any".

He and his table sent us a bottle of wine.

Gotta love Girls Trips.

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Heather said...

Oh my gosh! I love your group of girls. Can I come hang out with you all? I even already have a pseudonym! Just call me Lola. ....Because you know, whatever Lola wants, .....Lola gets.