Bloggy Boot Camp


So I go to my first ever conference on Blogging yesterday. "Bloggy Boot Camp" offered by, a website designed to promote and educate women bloggers.

First of all...Well done Sits Girls! You took a group of 150+ women, fed, watered, educated and massaged us!

Assigned seating arrangements were brilliant! I met so many lovely, intelligent and interesting ladies all armed with business cards. Who knew? I was not ahead of that curve. Maybe next year.

Now, I do not mean to minimize the value of this conference but I've got to say that in addition to a lovely lunch served by the DoubleTree Hotel, attendees were fed biscuits, bacon, ham and coffee cake by Petit Jean Meats. Mixed fresh fruit, yogurt dip, hummus, pita chips, chocolate covered strawberries, mimosas, and "ice cream for the road" by Kroger. The kicker? Free scheduled chair massage also sponsored by Kroger.  My kind of store.

Speakers included The SITS Girls themselves, Tiffany Romero and Francesca Banducci, Laurie Turk, owner of, Angela England of and Elizabeth Jayne Liu of amongst several other excellent speakers who possessed full appreciation and knowledge of Twitter and whose vocabulary included acronyms like SEO and RSS.

All for only $99.

I am so inspired to learn what SEO and RSS mean...but not before I get a business card and learn how to tweet.

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Linda McClain said...

It was such a joy to meet you. Wasn't that fun?! And delicious. ;-) I learned so much and just really enjoy soaking up all that creative energy. Love your blog.