My Rob: Part 3


"If you build it, they will come."

...And that was how Rob responded to my dilemma between choosing the somewhat trashy beaded lampshades vs. the sophsticated shabby chic simple white ones with rosebuds.  

Made sense to me.

              Why would I redecorate my bedroom to look like 'Martha Stewart'?
     ...when what I really wanted, was to channel my inner 'Pamela Anderson'?
OK. Pam Anderson might be a stretch ... but my point is... a "boudoir" was my goal.

Rob and Steve agreed that my current boy-friend-less situation might not be helped by having a mattress and boxspring on the floor, a  white particle-board dresser with matching nightstand, a shade-less table lamp and beige roller blinds covering my windows that were, at one time, white.

So the bedroom make-over began...
The transition began with purchasing two trashy lamps.
I love(d) them.

Then, my bed was picked up off of the floor (adding the benefit of additional storage space - woohoo) and placed on a frame. 

New linens, a dark walnut dresser, two nightstands, a bench at the foot of my bed. Steve dressed the windows artistically in white tulle and pale peach silk flowers (it was the 90's).  

Remembering Rob gushing ..."He makes such a good gay guy" while beaming with pride of his partner's flair for home decorating still makes me smile.

That was 17 years ago. Rob died the following year. Mr. Something came into my life a few weeks later.

The trashy lamps flank the daybed in our guest room now. A token reminder of my past life and of my cherished friend. 

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Heather said...

LOVE the lamps! I haven't gone to purchase the chandeliers (I need two because of the size of the bedroom), but I am really considering it. Then I just need a handy man to install them. Hmmm. Maybe he'll be single. LOL!!