My Rob: Part 1


In 1996, my best friend was a guy. Who just happened to be gay. And a nurse.

Before the goofy-gay-nurse stereotype imprints into your head, I want to be clear that Rob was a professional, dedicated, knowledgeable, skilled and published nurse who held a Masters degree in Nursing and was considered as an expert in Pediatric Trauma.
Serious Rob
Once, after passing two very muscular, tattooed and tanned guys dressed in tank tops and short-shorts while strolling the Midway at The State Fair,  Rob turned to me and flatly said, "Gay guys like that give us all a bad name".

Rob and his life-partner, "Steve" (a pseudonym) had been together for about six years. Rob was outgoing, funny, sincere, playful and caring. Steve was quiet, thoughtful, intelligent, could fix anything, sew and cook. They were the best friends that this thirty-something single girl could ever wish for.

Rob and I bonded immediately. We loved going to the movies, popcorn, hanging out, psychic stuff, parties, Mariah Carey, eating, Halloween, Sedona, Christmas, dancing, The Academy Awards, animals, a good laugh, "Imitation of Life" (with Lana Turner), talking on the phone and Bingo. OK, so maybe we weren't "The World's Most Interesting People", but it worked for us.
We were as 'thick as thieves' and then, suddenly, Rob got sick. And then he died.

It's been over 20 years.

I still miss him.

Rob was intrinsically a teacher and it's because of this that I have decided to share his story with you.

You may learn something from him and his life experiences.

I know that I have...

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