Spain: Tarifa, Africa, Britain?


 Tarifa, Spain is located just before you get to Gibraltar, UK
Tarifa's claim to fame? 
  1. It's where The Atlantic Ocean and The Mediterranean Sea meet and is the southern-most point of the entire European Continent

    The road between the Atlantic Ocean and The Mediterranean
    Atlantic side of the road
    Mediterranean side of the road.

 2.  Africa (Tangier, Morocco) is just 20 miles away - a 30 min ferry-ride.
Tangier, Morocco

3. Gibraltar,UK is about an hour away from Tarifa. 
Who knew?
Gibraltar, UK
The British peninsula of Gibraltar was captured by the Dutch in 1704 and given to Britain "in perpetuity" in 1713.

Spain wants it back. The Queen won't budge. There's around 30,000 residents, 300 pubs and a ton of monkeys. Specifically, 'Gibraltar Barbary Macaques'.

Legend has it that as long as Gibraltar Barbary Macaques exist on Gibraltar, the territory will remain under British rule.

In 1942, the monkey population had dwindled to seven. In an effort to preserve all things British, Winston Churchill ordered that the monkeys be replenished immediately (from Morocco and Algeria). Done.

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