Spain: Costa de Luz


I'm still recovering from the nervous tic developed as the result of co-piloting during our drive-trip in  Spain. 

We rented a little Peugot from a Spanish rental company named "Sixt" - and recommend them highly - about 50% less expensive than rental car companies we were familiar with (Hertz, Avis etc.). Great car, clean and in good condition.

Fortunately for us, the direction of traffic was just like you would expect in North America and the steering wheel was positioned on the left. No surprises there. Thank you Jesus. The challenge was in getting from Point A to Point B...alive.

Navigating the streets of Seville proved to be a 'tourist challenge', however.

Our concern was winding up on one of those one-laned, cobble-stoned, teensy streets in the city center but trying to find 'Avenida San Franscisco Javier' when it suddenly turns into 'Calle Luis de Morales' near 'Carretera Cortijo de las Castillas' followed by 'Calle Fray Franscisco de Pareja' was just too much for this navigator to deal with.

Adding insult to injury, finding the damn street signs in Seville was yet another challenge - because there wasn't any. I take that back. Eventually, I did find street signs.

Find the street sign...
Quaint. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm all about 'quaint' but for crying out loud - c'mon.

As if that wasn't enough... there seemed to be little display of caution by Spanish drivers. Weaving in and out of traffic, horns honking, headlights flashing. Or was it just us? My advice to Mr. Something..."Just drive like I would!". He ignored me and for that, I am grateful as we are here to tell the story.

But, in the final analysis, we do not regret stepping out of our comfort-zone by driving in Spain. If we hadn't, we might have missed this...

More on Tarifa later...If you look closely, you can see Africa behind us.

Return to Seville... Our last night in Spain

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