Circa 1976

This year will mark thirty-six years as a Registered Nurse. 
Am I really that old? 
Circa 1980
How lucky I've been. Good parents, a decent education, a great career, food in the refrigerator, a car in the driveway and always surrounded by people who love me. That being said, it's because of these factors that I've been free to direct my life by making choices, especially when faced with situations I can do little to change.

Aging is one of those situations. It's alternative? Death. I don't think so.

I have chosen Betty White to be my role model for aging. She just celebrated her 90th Birthday and remains bright, attractive, articulate, upbeat and funny. Who wouldn't want follow in her aging footsteps?

If I remain lucky, the aging process will continue for me. Good health habits and a positive attitude are all part of my choice to being a happy and healthy 90 year old.

Thirty-four years to go. What will be my next chapter?

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