Spain: Madrid


Our Madrid experience began at 0300 Dallas-time and our first stop was the Tourist Info kiosk where we were to pick up our pre-purchased train passes.

Spotting the Tourist Info booth was not a problem as Madrid's Barajas Airport is largely constructed of walls made of clear glass. The problem was in actually getting there. After riding the glass elevator to nowhere a few times, we eventually changed our strategy by using the escalator.

Travel tip: When in Madrid's Airport...consider using the escalators. The elevators bypass certain floors.

After an uneventful train trip from the Terminal 4 at the airport to Atocha Station, we walked a couple of blocks to our hotel and despite mind-numbing sleepiness, sucked it up and started out on our tour of Madrid...
The Rose Garden in Parque del Retiro
Parque del Retiro
A view from our hotel room
We weren't quite certain of what we ordered but we think it was ham.
Yup. 100% Iberian "Jamon"
Served on bread with a very generous drizzling (1/4 cup) of Olive Oil

Plaza Mayor
Typical Street signage
He had no choice, really
 FYI: Our tour of Madrid did not include attending a bullfight.
  • Palacio Real
  • Museo del Prado
  • Plaza Mayor
  • El Rastro
  • Museo Thyssen-Bomemisza
  • Parque del Retiro
  • El Escorial
  • San Francisco el Grande

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