Girls Trip 2011: New Orleans


Karin, Kathy, Me, Patty
I love these ladies. 
We meet every November.
This year The 15th Annual Girl's Trip was in  New Orleans, Louisiana.
Or was it the 16th?
No matter. 
We love our annual reunions and as long as everyone is in agreement about not ever wearing red hats I'm thinking we'll all be in for the long haul.

After checking in at The Omni Royal on St Louis in The French Quarter, our first stop was a short walk to Cafe Du Monde for Cafe au lait and these delectable little pastries... Beignets.
 Got Insulin?
Later that evening, Pat OBrien's piano bar where for 41 years, a guy with thimbles on his fingers plays a "tray".  Odd but evidently, true.

Although everyone is familiar with the bawdiness of Bourbon Street, you don't hear a whole lot of the great, unique boutiques along Chartres St. or the antiques and art galleries on Royal.
This was a highlight to our trip. Gumbo, Jambalaya, Bread Pudding and Pralines were on the menu.
Our instructor, Sandra, cooked her ass off. Believe me when I say that "Roux" preparation requires the patience of a saint.

So, with a little bit of this...
...and little bit of that...

I whipped up a little Gumbo as soon as I got home. Admittedly, it was far from Sandra's but it wasn't bad.
 Other highlights of this year's Girl's Trip was...
  • Dinner at Emeril's
  • Harrah's Casino
  • Johnny's PoorBoys
  • Centennial Grocery Muffalettas

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Heather said...

It looks like you had a great time! Don't you just love an amazing group of girl friends?

I'm sure you will not be surprised by this, but I also take a trip each fall with "my girls". Yet another thing that we have in common.

I think everyone should have a great group of ladies to share some fun and great food with!

joanyspot said...

I'm with you, Heather!