Brent & Brian's 30th


The twins celebrated their 30th Birthday at Sam's Town Casino in Shreveport Louisiana.
Only about a 3-4 hour drive from Dallas, we along with several other friends and family members arrived in Louisiana on Saturday October 22nd ready to honour the twins and usher them into their 30's.

A week prior to their birthday, I took it upon myself to create a memorable birthday cake for them. Being a special birthday, it was important to me that they should each have their own cake and what with the gambling theme to their birthday... I embarked on a lofty aspiration.

Starting with four layers of chocolate cake, stacked upon one another, then cut into 6x6(ish) cubes... I initially attempted my first fondant covering but soon learned that fondant is a royal bitch to roll out. 

 Plan 'B'
Leaving a layer of fondant on top of the cakes for weight and smoothness,
the progressive, daily icing of the cakes began...
Day after day, a layer of icing followed by refrigeration.... 
Despite more icing, more refrigeration, extreme drowsiness secondary to repetitive sugar exposure and being called "Cake Bossy" by Mr. Something, I did not waver from my goal...
Making progress....
Almost done...the dots were cut from pre-made, edible sheets of fondant picked up at Hobby Lobby.

After a two-hundred mile drive to Shreveport in the back seat of a Toyota....
The final result. 
Yes, one 'die' needed more help than I could give it but if you really used your imagination, it could very well have been on a 'roll'.

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