Weight Loss Wednesday: Week Eleven


Let's review: Eleven weeks ago, upon realization that I was addicted to Cadbury's Dairy Milk Chocolate, I deciided to begin a sensible diet/fitness plan designed to help me lose twenty pounds by now. I've lost two. Pounds.

At the peak of my weight loss, I was down seven pounds but then, Mr. Something and I went on a little vacay and the rest is history.

So, just how does one gain five pounds in two weeks? It's easy, really. ..

  • A daily dose of  "Two eggs over easy with hashed browns, bacon and toast. please".
  • No aerobic exercise.
  • Ice cream every evening.
So, "I'm back on the horse" and rebooting my health-and-weight-loss-kick. 

My goal this week is to exercise daily and record everything I eat.

As we all know, chances are good that I didn't gain five pounds just by having a daily full breakfast, not exercising and eating ice cream every night. I might have failed to mention the super-sized bags of peanut M&M's (shared with Mr. S), Trail mix and a few of those handy snack sized oreo cookies and/or peanut butter crackers.

Tracking what I eat is key for me. Hello SparkPeople . I'm back.

Eighteen pounds to go...

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