California: 2011


A few weeks ago, Mr. Something found round-trip air tickets from DFW to LAX on a no-name air carrier for only $110/each including tax - $55.00 each way! Admittedly, we were a little wary of being scammed until being "seated with tray tables locked and in the full upright position, seatbelts fastened snugly in place with all carry-on luggage safely stowed beneath the seat in front" of us.

Catalina Island

We had arranged for a shuttle bus to pick us up at the airport and take us to Long Beach Pier where we caught the 1.5 hour ferry ride to Catalina.

I understand that Catalina is considered to be a day trip for most but we parked it for three full days enjoying beautiful sunsets every evening.
  • Day One - Spent the late afternoon/evening walking the main drag - Crescent Ave. Bars, restaurants and shops abound.
  • Day Two - Rented a golf cart and drove around the island. There were several streets where golf-cart wielding tourists are just not allowed. I guess the locals don't want their kids run over by inexperienced golf cart drivers. You can't really blame them. There was alot of inexperience going on. After dinner, we went to see a movie at "The Casino". It's not really a casino though. It's the large round, red-roofed art-deco building that is prominent in all pictures of Catalina Island. The building houses a movie theater and art gallery.
  • Day Three - We rented beach chairs on Descanso Beach and watched the world go by. All day long. It was great.
  • Day Four - Breakfast, then off to Los Angeles.
Los Angeles: Venice Beach

What can be added to this picture? Possibly the list of "illnesses" that Medical Marijuana can assist with... headaches, sleeplessness, achy joints, poor appetite, anxiety and a host of other medical issues were addressed in the 'Medical Marijuana' literature. All you would have to do is just spend a little face time with the doc and for a small fee, a prescription for 'Medical Marijuana' can be yours. With the exception of having a poor appetite, I think I would qualify.

Venice Beach Skate Park
How these kids don't kill themselves on all this concrete is beyond me..."No Fear" has been redefined in my book.

Griffith Park Observatory
An astronomical Observatory on acres of prime LA real estate. Fortunately, Mr. Griffith bequeathed the property as a nature preserve.

The Getty Museum
OMG. All the guide books say that "The Getty is not to be missed". Our visit there gave us a full appreciation for what they meant. A world class art gallery it is also (architecturally-speaking) a work of art within itself.

I took this picture on my's caption? "She looks how I feel." It was a great day and a great trip.

    Weight Loss Wednesday: Week Twelve


    Today, I am re-defining my weight loss goal.

    Yes, I admit that having a goal to lose twenty pounds in 12 weeks was a a little lofty for my 55-year-old metabolism and shaky resolve (damn you Cadbury's Dairy Milk Chocolate). So, my new and improved weight loss goal will be...5 pounds in ten weeks.

    "By November 30th, 2011 - I commit myself to losing 5 pounds".

    Wait. Let's change that goal to nine weeks.

    "By November 23rd, 2011 - I commit myself to losing 5 pounds".

    Ending a week after Thanksgiving is a recipe for failure.

    Weight Loss Wednesday: Week Eleven

    Let's review: Eleven weeks ago, upon realization that I was addicted to Cadbury's Dairy Milk Chocolate, I deciided to begin a sensible diet/fitness plan designed to help me lose twenty pounds by now. I've lost two. Pounds.

    At the peak of my weight loss, I was down seven pounds but then, Mr. Something and I went on a little vacay and the rest is history.

    So, just how does one gain five pounds in two weeks? It's easy, really. ..

    • A daily dose of  "Two eggs over easy with hashed browns, bacon and toast. please".
    • No aerobic exercise.
    • Ice cream every evening.
    So, "I'm back on the horse" and rebooting my health-and-weight-loss-kick. 

    My goal this week is to exercise daily and record everything I eat.

    As we all know, chances are good that I didn't gain five pounds just by having a daily full breakfast, not exercising and eating ice cream every night. I might have failed to mention the super-sized bags of peanut M&M's (shared with Mr. S), Trail mix and a few of those handy snack sized oreo cookies and/or peanut butter crackers.

    Tracking what I eat is key for me. Hello SparkPeople . I'm back.

    Eighteen pounds to go...

    Paranoid in South America

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