Weight Loss Wednesday: Week Seven


Seven weeks...seven pounds. Although I'm far from eating with wild abandon and I'm exercising more than I have in a year or two, those fat cells of mine are stubborn little suckers. So, last week I thought I would give "Michael Thurmond's Six Day Mini-Makeover" a 'go' in order to boost my metabolism. I lasted three days. Here's the breakdown...

Michael Thurmond was the diet coach/fitness guy for "Extreme Makeover", a TV show that was on a few years back. People were featured who wanted an extreme makeover knowing that it would include diet, surgery and being away from their families for six weeks. They all ended up looking absolutely gorgeous after having  their teeth veneered, their faces lifted, their tummies tucked and their hair extended. The thing that I couldn't get over was just how they could lose so much weight after only six weeks. That's where Michael Thurmond came in. He developed a program where you first "Blueprint" your body type then choose the corresponding diet plan for that type.

You've got your Body Type "A" - Endomorph, "B" - Endo/Mesomorph ...I'm sure you get it. In total, there are five body types to choose from.

I chose Body Type "D" - Endo/Ectomorph. Truthfully, I chose that particular body type not because I think I am an "Endo/Ectomorph" but because (ahem) the corresponding eating plan seemed the easiest to follow.

So I ran out to my local grocery store and bought a couple of pre-roasted rotisserie chickens and a pre-roasted turkey breast. What I learned by day 2 was that eating the same tasting chicken & turkey gets old. I had enough by day 3.

This time around, I think I'll put a little more thought into it and season my poultry differently with each meal. After all, it's only six days.

Disclaimer: I should make it clear that do not recommend or promote Michael Thurmond's diet plan and I have not received any compensation for featuring features of his "Six Day Mini Makeover" diet plan in this post. 

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