Weight Loss Wednesday: Week Five


Many moons ago, there was a time when dropping five pounds in one week was as simple as just not eating. Exercise need not be involved. The weight would just fall off as long as I stuck to my Grapefruit Diet, Scarsdale Diet, Cider Vinegar Diet, Protein Shake Diet etc.

After years of 'yo-yo' dieting, it became apparent that in order to drop a few pounds, I would have to add a little aerobic conditioning to my dieting regimen. My problem was that I really hated to sweat and since most aerobic exercise seemed to involve sweating, I took up swimming. Yes, it was somewhat inconvenient, gave me red eyes and caused my hair to become dry and brittle so when the 'fitness gurus' of the time announced that swimming was an ineffective way to lose weight (it uses small muscles - arms). That sealed it. So much for swimming.

Now that I am in my mid-fifties, there is no getting around the sweating issue. It just is. I sweat in the air conditioned comfort of my home, sipping an ice-cold drink, while parked in front of an oscillating fan, watching TV. Aging is a bitch and my intolerance to sweating is just one of life's little kicks in the teeth. So I guess if I'm going to sweat anywayI might as well sweat on an Elliptical machine, a Treadmill or my newest exercise tool...the Spinning Bike. It's a mere 45 minutes out of my day sweating for a reason.

PS: Total Weight Loss in 5 Weeks = 5 pounds.

What I Have Learned This Week...
  • I've learned that "Fitness Gurus" do not always have all the answers. Swimming might not be the most effective way to burn calories but in my opinion, any exercise is a helluvalot better than no exercise.
  • I've remembered that coating your hair with conditioner before you swim laps is a good way of protecting your hair from potential dryness and Visine "gets the red out" of your eyes.
  • I've learned a new mantra... "Suck it up and do it". I don't like working out with weights and/or situps, but if I'm at the gym anyway, I just tell myself to "suck it up and do it". Seems to be working.
  • I've learned I should always bring tasty food to work. On the one day that I didn't bring a sweet peach, some juicy watermelon or tangy pineapple to work, I succumbed to a big-ass piece of Vanilla-Almond Cake with Cream Cheese Icing. Note to self: Bring tasty food to work.

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Heather said...

Well done! And that's a LOT of butter!

Don't think of it as sweating. Think of it as glistening....like a pig!

I completely agree that doing ANY exercise (especially if it's one you enjoy and are apt to ACTUALLY do) is better than NO exercise.

I have to admit that I cringe a bit at the "suck it up and do it" mantra. True, that got me through a LOT of early mornings lifting weights, but it's exhausting having that internal drill sargeant constantly beating you up. I'm working on learning to love myself and realizing that the ability to lift those weights is actually a reward given to me by God and our amazing bodies rather than a punishment for that piece of cake I ate last night. It probably seems a little touchy-feely-can't-we-all-just-get-along, but it feels much better to me mentally. If I take care of my body by spending the time exercising, it will more than take care of me while I'm doing the things I WANT to do - like motorcycling, playing with the dog, etc etc.

Those are my two cents. Well done!!!!