Weight Loss Wednesday: Week Four


Last week, the bathroom scale and I were at an impasse as it displayed not one smidge of weight loss despite my calorie-counting, elliptical-swinging and weight lifting ways of the week before.

Bummed but not deterred, I soldiered on and increased my aerobic exercise time from 30 to 40 minutes at least 5 days a week. Take that, slow metabolism.

And at the advice of my all-about-fitness husband, "Mr Something", I  reluctantly weighed myself daily.

Here are my results...

7/21 -1 lb
7/22 +1 lb
7/23 +1.5 lb
7/24 -1 lb
7/25 +1 lb
7/26 -1 lb
7/27 -2 lb

I have learned that popcorn on the evening of 7/22 really drove a wedge between the bathroom scale and I on the morning of 7/23 - but it was short lived.

Through perseverance and dedication to my goal I have now lost a total of....
 ...one adorable Pomeranian!

It's taken four weeks to lose four pounds but I'm OK with that.
Four weeks would have happened anyway.

What I have learned this week...
  • Salt matters. Most of my increases in weight could be directly attributed to salt intake.
  • Awareness matters. Making better food choices requires awareness. Fuddruckers Kids Meal Burger with a fruit cup sounds minimal in calories - right? Not. 525 calories. Not that 525 is astronomical, it's just that I would have thought it would be less. So I ate the Kids Meal and had a nice grilled chicken salad for supper.
  • Exercise matters. My food intake is not all that much less than what I had been eating before, but Im thinking it's the exercise that is making the difference.

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Heather said...

Yay on the loss of your pomeranian! (Others might think that was sick, but you know what I mean.)

It's shocking what salt does, isn't it? I can always tell when I've had too much because my fingers swell up like little vienna sausages!

I haven't really taken any weight in the last few weeks, but considering I've been on vacation for part of it and then stress eating the last 2 weeks or so and not exercising NEARLY enough, I don't think it's too bad that I've remained steady. I might be a pound or so down, but probably not more.

Well done and keep up the great work!

I'm also checking in on my study schedule: I started my online seminars last week and I'm already behind! I should be ready to turn in the homework for the first 3 modules for each seminar by the end of this week, but I'm not even close! It looks like it's gonna be more time spent in my books and less time spent on my bike for the next few weeks!

joanyspot said...

Thanks Heather. A pound not gained is worth its weight in salt not eaten - just trying to sound wise. Keep up the work on your exams...when you're done-you're done. One less thing to be concerned about.