What's In A Name?


 Not long ago, while creating our Will, my husband cleverly filled in "debateable" where "spouse's name" should have been.

OK. So it's been fourteen years since we married and I still haven't got around deciding what my name will be...
'Joan Young' has worked for all things professional.
'Joan Spotswood' has been good for all things social.
'Joan Young Spotswood' covers most anything else, but is a mouthful.

I've not yet ventured into hyphenation. Once you 'hyphen' you can never go back.

My husband is good with any name that I choose. His only request is that I pick one.

Where I've run into a few name snags along the way is when I can't for the life of me, remember what name I've most recently used for ...the dry cleaners, my hair appointments, the Dr's office etc.

As a cocky young ER nurse, I recall more than one occasion where I would roll my eyes when faced with a patient's ID band not matching their Medical Record then woefully exclaiming..."Ya think these people would just pick a name and stick to it".

I've joined the ranks of "these people."

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Kara said...

I say just take a dive and change it! :)