Weight Loss Wednesday: The Beginning


I'm not getting any younger and by the looks of things, my derriere is not getting a whole lot smaller sitting at my laptop blogging ...so, today I am telling the world (or at least my 25 followers) that I am committing myself to losing twenty pounds of unwanted fat. There. I've said it. 

That's 80 sticks of butter...

About four average sized newborns...

Or five adorable Pomeranians...

 I digress.

Any way... 20 lbs is not just a drop in the fat-burning bucket so my plan is to track my progress publicly via "It's Always Something" on my new column... "Weight Loss Wednesdays".  

"Weight Loss Wednesdays" will include how much weight I've lost and what I did to do it.

I found a free website (that is not paying me to advertise for them) called Sparkpeople.com. They have an App as well called Diet and Food Tracker

If you enter your current weight and how much you want to lose, they'll tell you how many calories you should eat daily in order to get to your goal. Depending on how many pounds per week you want to lose, they'll even calculate when you will reach your goal as well. I should reach mine by Sept. 7th.

Entering your food intake is easy and they tell you how many calories you've consumed as well as how many you have left! 

This may not be rocket science, but for a self-diagnosed obsessive-compulsive sort like me, this is Nirvana.

So, according to Sparkpeople, I need to eat between 1220 and 1550 calories per day. Exercise should be geared towards burning 217 calories daily.

I, being the over-achiever that I am got on the Elliptical today for 1/2 hour and burned a staggering 397 calories!

Now the trick to all this is consistency. That's where you come in. Tell me you are keeping an eye on me. Better yet - join me. C'mon. Who's in?

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joanyspot said...

Heather - I'm not quite sure exactly how I deleted your comments but...Thanks for joining me in this effort and good luck on your exams! It sounds as though they are more complex than most!