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The Brown Lady
This infamous ghost set the bench mark for the supernatural back in 1936.
According to legend, this ghostly lady, who haunts Raynham Hall in Norfolk, England, is the spirit of Lady Townshend. The Lady of the manor was never allowed out of the house by her overbearing husband, Lord Charles Townshend in life, and so haunted the house in her death too.
(Borrowed from www.toptenz.net/top-10-famous-ghosts.php)
Do you believe in ghosts? UFO's? The supernatural? Life after death?

I'm on the fence, but I tend to lean on the side towards 'believing'.

Household debates on this topic usually end up as a stalemate as I have chosen a partner who sits on the other side of the aforementioned fence. Although we tend to agree to disagree, our positions balance one another and make for interesting conversation.

Regarding spooky stuff, he requires "scientific proof".

Puhleeese. Anybody out there who has seen an episode or two of  "Ghost Hunters" would be convinced...but not my fella.

My "pro" argument is that not all things in our world have been scientifically proven --- yet.

We are less than a speck of dust in our own galaxy, I question how we can be so arrogant to think of ourselves as 'all that'?
One of these galaxies is our very own Milky Way
Somewhere in the Milky Way is Earth

I then proceed with the not-yet -proven parallel universe theory. That usually closes down the conversation. Quantum Physics is way over my head and he knows it.

What do you think? Any "close encounters" or "experiences"?  I would love to hear from you, thereby adding fuel to my fire.

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Tonya said...

I ghosthunt as a hobby. In fact, I've been to Waverly Hills a number of times overnight. You can't be in that place and not feel a different level of energy that has a creepiness factor to it. While I've never visually seen a ghost I have definitely heard things and experience oddities.

To be philosophical, though, I simply must believe there is something out there beyond us. That we don't have just one life to live and become ground dust when we die. Personally, that would be a depressing way to think and live. I like to believe we have a purpose for being here and that it isn't just a result of some biological factor and in the end we are no better than fertilizer.

joanyspot said...

Hobo Girl..."that would be a depressing way to think or live" is the key point. Thank you.