The Professional Porch Sitters Union


Who knew???  An established "Union" with my name written all over it.

Union Headquarters was founded in Louisville, Kentucky 1999 by avid porch sitter, Claude Stephens aka 'Crow Hollister'. PPSU Local 1339.

According to Stephens/Hollister, "Starting your own chapter of PPSU is simple. You simply declare yourself a local chapter, pick a number to represent your Local Chapter identity and then sit back with friends and neighbors to celebrate with an interesting story or two. Meetings can be called at any time by any member and attendance is optional."

The PPSU Motto? They don't have one...just a suggestion..."Sit Down a Spell. That can wait"

Although I have no idea of exactly how the Professional Porch Sitters Union really started, 'making up' the way in which this organization was first established would be encouraged and in keeping with typical Professional Porch Sitter mentality...Chances are good that Mr. Hollister was sitting on his front porch, "chewing the fat" with a fellow porch sitter when PPSU's Rules and Regulations were defined...
  • No Rules
  • No Regulations
  • No Agendas
  • No Dues
  • No Committees
  • No Scheduled Meetings
  • No Membership requirements
  • No Meeting Minutes
I understand that when 'Porch Sitters' unite, common meeting topics of discussion may include...

  • "Can one hummingbird really keep all the others from feeding at "his" feeder?"
  • "Is it legal to shoot squirrels with BB Guns in the city?"
  • "Sure is hot"
  • "You think we're going to get any rain?"
  • "Is it more relaxing to rock in the rocking chair or to swing in the swing?" 
  • "Does it take more energy to argue about who will go get more lemonade than it does to just get up and go get it?"
    No porch? According to NPR's "All Things Considered" a porch is not a place, but a state of mind. That being said... a stoop, a step or a deck will do. I'm thinking even a curb would be fine.
    Where to sign up? No place. Just give yourself a Local number and there you have it. You're a member. Somebody else has your local number? Who cares? They can be your sister/brother chapter.
    Need a Membership card? Make one up.

    Ahhhhh, my kind of Union

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    Tonya said...

    I live just outside Louisville and work in Louisville. Go Claude aka Crow!

    keri said...

    LOL.. that's adorable. I love your additions too. What about
    "pass the fly swatter"
    "I know you don't like him, but be neighborly and tip your hat anyway"

    Thanks for popping over to my blog via SITS the other day. It was nice of you to take the time. I'm glad to connect with you.

    Unfortunately I don't have that cool "friend" button on my WordPress blog so the only option for people is to "subscribe" .. A lot of people don't want to do that, and I understand. Just don't forget to come around every so often and say hi. Take good care and thanks again, Keri

    joanyspot said...

    Keri - I am officially a follower of yours! Love your perspectives and have thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts

    Crow Hollister said...

    Crow here. I like your post and your suppositions about how all this started. Your version is as good as the real one. Come sit a spell if you are ever in the vicinity. Cheers

    klong said...

    Local 1919 Eastern Drive Jax Beach.
    Chapter was established about 3 years ago... We have a placque on the front of the house, just in case we run into other chapter members. We are indeed professionals, and spend hours sitting, rocking, deciding what needs to be done next, if anything. Dan and Karen Long
    Jax beach fl.
    GNethe teetic

    Anonymous said...

    How do I get a sign? Ready to start a Local in Atlanta!