An Officer and A Gentleman


Kara Spotswood, Officer Ben Spotswood and Annslee Spotswood
On Friday, May 6th, my eldest step-son, Ben, graduated as Salutatorian (for academic achievement)) from The Regional Police Academy of North Central Texas and is now a 'rookie' with The Duncanville Texas Police Department. WooHoo! We are all so proud of him and if there is one thing that I know for sure... it is that this officer exemplifies the qualities of all that is good in law enforcement.
I've always admired Ben for his honesty, intelligence, integrity, strength of character and compassion as a son, husband and father and now I can't help but imagine just how profoundly he will impact the lives of those who will need him in their darkest moments....

 ... I am confident that those who...
  • need him most, will be in good hands
  •  have violated the law, will be treated respectfully
  • work beside him, will want to emulate him
  • are afraid at night, will sleep more soundly. 
Ben, with Duncanville PD Chief,

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Heather said...

Joan, our similarities continue! My brother is a police officer! He's been on the force for about 10 years and he definitely excels at fulfilling his duties!

I pray for the safety and wisdom of your stepson as he carries out his duties.