Steve Update #2


 He sleeps. He dreams. And every now and then, we see him smile.

The last conversation we had with Steve was 48 hours ago. Since then, he has remained asleep. Occasionally waking up for a few moments, he remains silent..

We anticipated Steve's decline and had a hospital bed placed in our family room last week. Doug called it "Steve's Barca-lounger" and Steve had the opportunity to "test-drive" it while watching TV.

Today, we relocated him from our guestroom and into his "Barca-lounger".
We're watching him closely for any non-verbal signs of pain or discomfort and with sincere thanks to our hospice program, we have the appropriate medicines to help him should the need arise.

We give him ice chips and teaspoons of water as he is too sleepy to sip from a straw or drink from a cup. Medicines are liquid and administered with a dropper.

It will not be long before Steve is gone.

For now, we thank God that he sleeps...and dreams ...and smiles every now and then.

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