Disco Fever


In the spirit of lightening up a little bit, I'm thinking that my posts have been a little dreary lately so let's say we 'Turn The Beat Around" with Vickie Sue Robinson...

Ya gotta admit...didn't that just make you all happy and want to just get up and dance?

My addiction of 1975-1980 was...'dancing-to-the-rhythm-of-the-disco-beat-bop-bop-bop-bop'.

Every weekend my fellow 'disco queens', (my BFF Mo, my cousin Susie and an assorted number of fellow nursing students) and I would get our fix by finding a lighted dance floor somewhere within a 10 mile radius of our dorm. A mirrored ball hanging from the ceiling and dry ice 'smoke' billowing on to us while we doing 'The Bump' and 'The Hustle' amongst other celebrated dance moves was just gravy. And yes, we would be stylin'... with wings in our hair, swingy dresses and high heels. Cruel disco shoes? ...Ha ! As if.

Dancing the night away to Donna Summer's "Hot Stuff", Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive", Le Freak's "Chic" took all the pain away. And then, as if we couldn't take any more disco madness, the movie, "Saturday Night Fever" and its soundtrack only fueled our devotion to all things 'disco'.

Hello... 'Disco Inferno' by The Trammps...

At this point you might be asking yourselves...did guys really dress like that? Sadly,  I've got to tell you that yes, they really did. But more disturbing than that, is the fact that we (the disco queens) thought they looked way hot and actually dated these guys..

I blame it on my youth.

Then, circa 1980 while cruising around with my fellow disco queen Mo, I recall hearing on the radio that "disco was dead". "Oh, puhleeeese" I said to her, dripping of sarcasm, rolling my eyes. my expression disdainful..."As if disco would ever die"...

It was only a couple of years later that my disco shoes were laid to rest and replaced by cowboy boots. 'Boot Scootin' at local Dallas honky-tonks was all that I lived for on my weekends off. The lure of Country Music was where it was at. But that's another story.

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