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White-Spotswood Rehearsal

On Friday night, Doug and I, along with Doug's ex-wife Lezlie had the honor of hosting a Rehearsal Dinner for his son, Brian and future daughter-in-law, Allison.  The venue was Angelina's Mexican Ristorante in The Colony, Texas.

Doug (my incredible husband) and the fabulous Haley (the groom's brother's g.f.) were up to their elbows in party prep and I am so lucky to have had them. They were a great help and only winced on occasion to my orders requests...

Haley and I, deep in the throes of party prep.  Purple (aka 'lapis'), lavender and gray were chosen as the wedding colors.
Creating a 'dividing wall' in this large room was done by placing a row of weighted balloons along the floor.

Lavender napkins adding a little table height.
Beautiful centerpiece wreaths surrounding  rose bowls with two floating 'heart' candles in each were decorated by the groom's  Mom.
An absolute party-prep cocktails. So, where's Doug? He the one taking pictures.

The absolutely adorable, Miss Annslee Mae Spotswood

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